Subliminal Advertising: The Secret Sales Pitch

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Can you find the subliminal message on the book cover?

Secret Sales Pitch

An Overview of
Subliminal Advertising

  • a fascinating look at how media manipulates the unconscious

  • a "how to" manual for artists, students, and marketing professionals

[Attorney August] "Bullock's prove-it-to-the-jury approach to explaining the psychology of subliminals presents a powerful case to those who may be skeptical..." -Santa Cruz Good Times

"…his examples convince beyond a doubt….More power to Mr. Bullock! Perhaps this book will prompt some advertising insiders to come forward and tell it like it is." - ForeWord Magazine.

"...An up-to-date treatment of a topic that has been a favorite undercurrent for decades, seamlessly linking 50-year-old examples to the new millennium...The result is a fresh and engaging read, well suited for a general audience as well as for students and practitioners.... Highly recommended."-CHOICE (American Library Association).

The floral design on the cover of The Secret Sales Pitch contains an amazing subliminal message.
Once it is pointed out it will become dramatically obvious, and you will always "see" it after that.
If you have already discovered it you may have a hard time believing it is invisible to other people-- but it really is!
The cover also contains a woman's face.
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