Subliminal Advertising: The Secret Sales Pitch

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NBC Nightly News Puts (subliminal) "ILIE" in Graphic Next to Bush's Face

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CNN: The Bush (subliminal) Rats ad:
Click on: 4.2MB QuickTime movie of the ad at the bottom of the video box for the commercial.
and a school paper
Click on: RATS Ad from Bush Campaign
Bush denies allegations:

AdWeek's effort to trivialize the subliminal controversy:

A sublminal study demonstrating:
"...people with anxiety disorders are very sensitive to subliminal threats and are picking
up stimuli the rest of us do not perceive."
A fan recalls buying a Subliminal Sex T-Shirt from Rolling Stone 20 years ago. (First story.)
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An educational resource for teachers.
An incredible example of a cigarette subliminal from the 50s
A great radio station
Aeonix Publishing Group has information for
authors who want to become published and for self-publishers. Aeonix
owner Pete Masterson has a helpful book: Book Design and Production:
A Guide for Authors and Publishers. The web site features a list of
printers who specialize in books.

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Subliminal Ads Pop Up on Sci-fi Channel

Awakening Mind by Enlightened Enterprises
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Subliminal Mc Donalds add insterted in cooking show (on You Tube)

Absolutely brilliant presentation on subliminal persuasion (on You Tube.). I guarentee you will appreciate the ending!

August Bullock being intereviewed for the Video "Programming the Nation" (on You Tube)

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