Subliminal Advertising: The Secret Sales Pitch

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Most of the reviews and testimonials are on the Home page and the Book Description page.
Here are a few more:


"I am definitely using it in my classes!" (West Coast College Professor- West Coast)

…I found your interpretations, particularly of the Smirnoff ad, very convincing and ingenious." -N.F. Dixon, an internationally recognized psychologist and the author of a treatise on subliminal perception, in a letter to the author.

"The book is provocative and intriguing- I may experiment with student responses in Modern Culture and Literature and Psychology." (East Coast University Professor)

"Bullock's show is startling...The overall impact is convincing." - Steve Hart, reporter for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

"..We were awarded first place in our school, and my group is going to a state wide competition with our project. We used your book as one of the main sources and I wanted to thank you." (High School student)

"...The work affords an up-to-date treatment of a topic that has been a favorite undercurrent for decades, seamlessly linking 50-year-old examples to the new millennium....The result is a fresh and engaging read, well suited for a general audience as well as for students and practitioners. This book would effectively serve as a companion volume in a course emphasizing the social responsibility of marketing. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Public, academic, upper-division undergraduate and up, and professional library collections." - S. D. Clark, St. John's University (NY), CHOICE Magazine, published by the American Library Association, November 2004.

"A fascinating book! Embeds in places I never imagined - which is the idea! I teach subliminal advertising in two classes- a theory and mass media research course and an intro to mass media." (College Professor)

" I am using it as an indispensable resource in my eighth grade science project on the effects of subliminal materials. It is an extremely enjoyable book, with a number of easy to understand examples and a free-and-easy, insightful, and witty manner of speech. Thank you so much!...By the way, my project was the only one at my school to receive full points, where it moved on to the county science fair!"

I...was delighted to see how you updated the research on subliminal advertising. Your examples were quite revealing and perceptive." (College Professor)

"… I'm a student studying Graphic Design..I am in my final degree year... I would like to congratulate you on 'The Secret Sales Pitch." It was very enjoyable read and in turn, immensely valuable for my studies."

"Bullock's prove-it-to-the jury approach to explaining the psychology of subliminals presents a powerful case to those who may be skeptical about the effectiveness of such tactics." -Damon Orion, Good Times magazine.

"... many of his examples convince beyond a doubt….More power to Mr. Bullock! Perhaps this book will prompt some advertising insiders to come forward and tell it like it is." -E. James Lieberman, ForeWord Magazine May 2004.

"In The Secret Sales Pitch author August Bullock presents a strong case not only for the existence of subliminal influences in marketing but also for their effectiveness." -Harold McFarland, Reviewer's Bookwatch, July 2004.

"Author August Bullock provides an informed and informative survey of how the media manipulates the minds of consumers through subliminal messages in The Secret Sales Pitch. By revealing the psychology involved in contemporary marketing strategies and tactics, Bullock has produced a kind of instructional manual which will prove to be a superbly presented introduction into subliminal message and image oriented advertising. The Secret Sales Pitch is strongly recommended reading for all elements of the advertising community, as well as social activists and reformers concerned with media manipulation issues arising from corporate and/or governmental efforts to persuade consumers and the body politic." -Midwest Book Review.

"Bullock, an attorney with a discerning eye and an entertaining writing style…blends popular culture, psychology, and cultural critique. Readers learn to recognize and interpret subliminal images and messages…" -Henry Berry, Small Press Book Review.

"Weirdly addictive" -Anneli Rufus, East Bay Express.

Finalist, Honorable Mention, ForeWord magazine Book of the Year awards, 2004.