Subliminal Advertising: The Secret Sales Pitch
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Subliminal Sex™ T Shirts

The humor behind Subliminal Sex™ T-Shirts is that they influence other people on an unconscious, or subliminal level. Laboratory experiments have shown that illusions of this type can influence people's behavior without their realizing it.

For this reason, they can improve your social life. In many cases, they can advance your business career.

They are uni-sexual, and each comes with an entertaining booklet entitled "Subliminal Sex™ User's Guide."

They make fabulous gifts! If you like, you can not tell the person you are giving it to about the hidden word, and see how long it takes him or her to discover it!

Their quality is exceptional. The shirts are white heavy weight "ringers" with navy blue collars. The designs are full color screen prints that feel natural and not rubbery.

They are reasonably priced. Each shirt only costs $14.99 plus 3.99 shipping and handling. (Shipping and handling is 3.99 no matter how many you order.Out of US you must send an additional $8.00) Give the shirt and the book for a completely novel and inexpensive gift experience. We generally ship within 48 hours.CA residents only charged 8 % sales tax. ORDER WITH PAY PAL (below left.) No membership required! Check out our Book/T-shirt deals on our ORDER page!

If you're short of cash you can buy one with your credit card, wear it to a party, and bet you friends it says, "Sex" in an obvious manner. They'll never believe you, and you'll recoup your entire investment in minutes!

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Note: Unfortunately, former President Clinton has not endorsed our products in any way. His image is presented for purposes of parody only. Roll over his picture to reveal his secret thoughts.
President Clinton: If you happen to stumble on this site, please contact me. I would be glad to send you a free shirt! AB




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