Subliminal Advertising: The Secret Sales Pitch

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" ...very well balanced! I am definitely using it in my classes!" (College Professor- West Coast.)

" I am using it as an indispensable resource in my eighth grade science project on the effects of subliminal materials. It is an extremely enjoyable book, with a number of easy to understand examples and a free-and-easy, insightful, and witty manner of speech. Thank you so much!...By the way, my project was the only one at my school to receive full points, where it moved on to the county science fair!"

"A fascinating book! Embeds in places I never imagined - which is the idea! I teach subliminal advertising in two classes- a theory and mass media research course and an intro to mass media."


Secret Sales Pitch

An Overview of
Subliminal Advertising

The Secret Sales Pitch argues that optical illusions have been embedded in mass media in order to secretly manipulate you since the 1950s. These subliminal messages are extremely provocative, and involve nightmarish monsters as well as many forms of erotica. In addition, pictures with subliminal meanings understood only by your unconscious have secretly aroused your innermost fears and fantasies.

August Bullock is an attorney who presents the evidence of subliminal advertising as though he were addressing a jury. Although the foregoing claims may initially seem outlandish, the case that is presented is both credible and disturbing.

The examples that are provided are startling, and intelligently correlated to studies gleaned from psychological journals. The history of subliminal persuasion, from Vance Packard to the present, is thoughtfully reviewed. In a letter to the author N.F. Dixon, a respected psychologist and the author of a treatise on subliminal perception, commented that I found your interpretations, particularly the Smirnoff ad, "convincing and ingenious.”

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"…While I find it difficult to advocate book burning as a scholarly activity … I will certainly add your book to the list. …Subliminal advertising does not exist ...Please take your book and go away." (An advertiser who had not read The Secret Sales Pitch -and would apparently prefer people not even think about the topic!)

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"I work for a new advertising company and I feel your book may give me some ideas! I really look forward to reading this!"

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Amazing, isn't it? The Subliminal Sex (TM) design is not only entertaining -
it illustrates profound psychological principles that are thoroughly discussed in The Secret Sales Pitch.

" I was delighted to see how you updated the research on subliminal advertising. Your examples were quite revealing and perceptive." (College Professor)

."..we were awarded first place in our school, and my group is going to a state wide competition with our project. We used your book as one of the main sources and I wanted to thank you."

"… I'm a student studying Graphic Design..I am in my final degree year... I would like to congratulate you on 'The Secret Sales Pitch." It was very enjoyable read and in turn, immensely valuable for my studies."

"I love the book and will definitely share it with everyone." (College Professor- East Coast.)

"I teach mass communications ...Your promotional piece on The Secret Sales Pitch is arresting."

"I am a freshman in ...High school. Our project was a powerpoint presentation of subliminal messages. The teacher thought our idea for the topic was genius... This book taught me how to identify subliminal messages."

"Your book is very interesting and makes you think about what you watch on television or what you read in a magazine." (College student.)

"Loving your book and the ads!" (A sixty year old reader.)


The Subliminal Sex (TM) design is not only entertaining -
it illustrates profound psychological principles that are thoroughly discussed in The Secret Sales Pitch.
(Five Stars on Amazon) An excellent read, something you won't forget in a hurry.. , March 21, 2005
"I'm a graphic designer, with a special interest in the power of subliminal advertising. Having recently compiled a written paper on this subject, Bullock's 'The Secret Sales Pitch' was immensely helpful. Bullock has managed to summarize complex theory into easy-to-read chapters, that would be perfect for those studying the subject or would be interested in learning about this fascinating area.

Subliminal examples are clearly identified and supported with full color images, making points easily recognizable to the reader. Bullock's style of writing is accurate yet humorous at times, personalizing his own experiences. He has also included possible experiments that the reader can test out for themselves. I did just that, and the results were incredibly revealing.

If you thought you understood the hidden arts of subliminal persuasion, this book is bound to teach you something new and will ultimately broaden your perceptions of advertising in today's society. A must-have in anyone's book collection."

(Five Starts Amazon) A Phenominal Epic Masterpiece of a Book, March 5, 2005
(Visalia, CA, USA)
"The Secret Sales Pitch" is a marvelous book, as well as a labor of love, which seems to have been years in the making. It is an indispensable resource in the field of subliminal messages. The book is extremely enjoyable, with a number of easy to understand examples and a free-and-easy, insightful, witty manner of speech. However, it never strays from tackling a serious subject that can affect everyone everyday. Kudos to Bullock for making this book available to the public."

From a current Marketing Journal: "Methods of targeting unconscious perceptions typically associated with subliminal advertising typically include double exposures, ambiguous text or images, double-entendre, and incidental or insignificant data in print and other visual advertising....(Bullock, 2004)." Mujtaba, B. and Jue, A.(2005). Deceptive and subliminal advertising in corporate America: Value adder or value destroyer? The Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship Vol. 10, No. 1: pgs 59 -82. Quote at page 63. The article quotes the Secret Sales Pitch extensively and discusses it in a very positive light.


"….By revealing the psychology involved in contemporary marketing strategies and tactics, Bullock has produced a kind of instructional manual which will prove to be a superbly presented introduction into subliminal message and image oriented advertising. ." -Midwest Book Review.

"In The Secret Sales Pitch author August Bullock presents a strong case not only for the existence of subliminal influences in marketing but also for their effectiveness." - Reviewer's Bookwatch.

(Five Stars on Amazon) Very thought provoking, March 16, 2005 "This book really goes into great study lengths to to give you an overview of what has gone on in the past and may be going on today. At the very least it is eye opening and kind of makes you think about what we see in advertising from a different prospective. ...Great reading on a fascinating subject."

"Weirdly addictive" - East Bay Express.

(Five Stars on Amazon) A Life Changing Book, March 4, 2005
(Ben Lomond, CA)
"I highly recommend this book. It is well written and the superb photographs and illustrations make the concepts easier to understand. August Bullock takes this [topic] to the next level..
He uses a scientific approach to this often misunderstood subject. He is able to make complex subjects easy to understand. This is a life changing book."

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