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August Bullock Music
I am also a musician. Please have a listen!
Listen to "Behind the SEEN" - a song about subliminal advertising! ©™

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MP3 Samples
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music website!

Impassioned Harmonica !!!
--Young Bird
- Swing Harp
- Don't Drive Me Away
- Heros of America (straight harp)
- A Woman Who Can Sing (sweet violin style)

yrics !!!
- It's No Wonder We're Deranged
-We Were Free (Bob Dylan Was My Brother)
- A Woman Who Can Sing


Incendiary Harmonica.
Meaningful Poetry.

August Bullock plays harmonica like Paul
Butterfield and writes songs like Bob Dylan.
It's an incendiary combination. Please
listen to a few samples:

Young Bird: featuring Bullock's unique
harmonica and guitar styles.
Swing Harp: irrestable dance music.
A Woman Who Can Sing: An exquisite
violin-like harmonica solo.

Its No Wonder We're Deranged: A surreal
autobiographical account reminiscent of
Dylan's "Tangled Up In Blue."
We Were Free (Bob Dylan Was My Brother):
A nostalgic poem about the sixties cleverly
incorporating phrases from 60s songs.
A Woman Who Can Sing: A testimonial
to expressive women.

Political Commentary

Heros of America
COMPLETE FREE DOWNLOAD! A critically acclaimed protest song! (lyrics below)
(for personal use only. No reproduction or re-recording without permission.)

"We're still children of the sixties,
born and bred on rock
and roll.
We looked at life from both sides
now and then.
We learned a lot of lessons,
and although we're growing old,
we still can hear the music
we sang when:

we were free
we were freer than the rain
we looked beyond the window pane
we did everything we could
we did nothing that we should
it was peace that we achieved
and in love that we believed
we were free"

- We Were Free
(Bob Dylan Was My Brother)

    All songs and samples and photographs Copyright August Bullock 2006, 2003- 2006. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction or commercial use without express persmission. Thanks for your interest!